At Stellar Structures, we work with architectural residential design services and Architect QP, or even directly with the developer, contractor, and owner of the unit to create space and make dreams come true for their house for continued legacy. 

As a professional engineering service, we do A&A design consultancy works (<50% floor area). If you require more than this, we have a number of architects who work with us for projects such as these. 

Our normal services to clients are:
a) Extension of Balconies
b) Extension of Rear Direction of landed house (extension of room and/or kitchen)
c) Strengthening of house due to cracks/damage found
d) Design of Loft and strengthening of foundations
e) Demolish and re-build (we work with our Architect Partners)
f) Any other services the client request

Please contact us for more information below:
Tel: +65 9666 1180 | Email:,

Some projects are:

Note: All Pictures below are from the Architect Partner

3D impression: Semi-detached 3.5 storey A&A works at Seletar, Singapore

3D impression: Sem-detached house of 3 storey A&A works at Siglap, Singapore

3D impression: Sem-detached house of 3 storey A&A works at Siglap, Singapore


Do you have a standard price for Authority Submissions?
A: There is no standard price to jobs. It is based on complexity, scale, phase of works. Please contact us via Whatsapp, Telegram, Email to inquire.
What is the documents you might require to give us a Quotation?
A: Please let us know the scope of works you would like us to provide, provide any supporting reports/architectural drawings/engineering drawings.
Can you work within my budget?
A: Please do let us know if you have a budget to keep in mind based on the scope and we will try to assist to work within the budget.
What is your guarantee of completion of Authority submissions?
A: No Company can provide a 100% guarantee, and all submissions are subject to Authority Approval, however our clearance rate is currently standing at 99% Our objective is to be transparent to our clients with all the requirements to meet clearance.

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